Roman Sports Kevin

The Romans had athletic contest and were very concerned with physical fitness. Being ready for war was a big reason that they were interested in strength, endurance, and agility.  They had fields where they could use for all kinds of events.

The Romans were involved in a lot of different activities. They used fields for racing horses and chariots, playing ball games, foot races, and wrestling matches. They lifted weights and had weights that looked similar to dumbbells.

They had many games which involved a ball. There were different kinds of balls and they came in different sizes. They didn’t bounce good like the rubber Mesoamerican balls but some could bounce more than others. There were balls made from pig bladder, ones filled with feathers, and even some made of glass. A ball game that they played involved hitting the ball with a curved stick kind of like golf. Other Games involved throwing a ball in the air and two teams would fight for it.

Hunting was another popular activity which they considered a sport. There were also violent sports such as exotic animals fighting each other or slaves or prisoners in a open area while people watched.


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